Rendezvous Region Rod Run
The Best Cruise on The Border!

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                                      Where's it held?

                                             What's it about?

The Rendezvous Region

  Centered in beautiful historic downtown Langdon, the Rendezvous Region Rod Run is a Classic & Custom automotive show that is packed with contests and events the whole family can enjoy!                


Situated on the edge of the beautifully forested and scenic Pembina River Gorge. This area in northeast North Dakota is known as the Rendezvous Region. It's loaded with history, scenic views of deciduous hardwood forests and the winding Pembina River, and surrounded by farming communities built around historic towns.

Rendezvous Region Rod Run

An automotive family fun weekend. Whether bringing out your latest project for others to enjoy, getting out with the kids for a fun filled weekend, or just coming down to reminisce over automotive history and how you remember're sure to find more than a few things that peak your interest and turn your crank.
  So take a look around and see how others have enjoyed the Rendezvous Region Rod Run in the past and see what additions you will be enjoying this year!

What events did you miss in past years?

Some of our show stoppers in previous years:
Muffler Rap Contest, Fireman's Live Concert & Dance, Music fest, DB Drags Stereo Sound Off Competition, Tricycle Race, Dunk Tank, Burn out contest and much much More!

What's it going to be like this year?

This year enjoy all the popular events of last years fun and exciting activities for the whole family.

We are also planning on adding more Show Categories, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! We don't know which way to expand, and we don't chintz on trophies, as you may recall they're impressive! We have to be able to justify the cost so we've decided to add categories based on our pre-registration, so why not...PRE REGISTER NOW!


What extras do I get for PRE REGISTRATION?

Previous years examples:

FREE...Personalized Polo Shirt with YOUR CAR type embroidered on it

FREE...Concert & Dance

FREE...Goodie Bag

FREE...Door Prize Ticket

FREE...Food Vendor Ticket  



All this for 20 Bucks!!!  

It's amazing we don't go broke!

Thanks to your support!

For questions, comments,
more information, or ideas please feel free to contact us!
Chad Lombardi (show organizer)
(701)370-0873 mobile
Langdon, North Dakota 58249